multi media design and solutions

we specialize in motion, presentation
and interactive design with a special
focus on live events.

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  • motion

    Would you like those graphics to go? Motion design – a fusion of graphic design, cinematography, lighting, direction and even choreography – is powerful tool for conveying a concept or evoking an emotion, from openers and explainers to interstitials and atmospherics.

  • presentation

    Bullet points probably won’t help anyone make their point. Presenting is like storytelling. The speaker engages the audience’s ears, and good presentation design engages their eyes: double whammy!

  • large-format

    Big ideas need big screens. Widescreen, multi-screen and projection mapping projects pose obvious technical challenges, but these large formats also have unique design considerations. Our holistic artist-engineer approach is built for events like these, and we’ve got the experience of dozens of successful high-profile large format events behind us.

  • interactive & app

    Little screens can be every bit as impactful and immersive as big ones. We bring mainstage content and interactivity to iOS and Android tablets and phones.

  • virtual reality

    Immersive experiences that drive traffic are quickly becoming our specialty. Our custom content creation and technical knowledge are allowing us to lead the way in VR’s inevitable migration into the live event industry.

  • production

    We’ve seen too many productions suffer stressful projects and missed opportunities due to technical misunderstandings and inefficient, outdated workflows. We’re developing training to help production management and artists alike better understand the systems they’re using so they can capture those opportunities and save their sanity.

  • consulting & training

    When you already have a design team in place, we offer consulting services to help bridge the gap between your creative and technical departments. Involving us early in the process opens up your creative options and reduces the friction in production and delivery.

  • Walter started Keen Live in 2006 with the idea that he could be creative and nerdy at the same time. He’s a respected leader in the After Effects designer community, and he uses that motion graphics expertise building cool content for big screens. As resident mad scientist, he also develops custom tools to support the group’s design and production needs. Walter lives in the New York suburbs with his wife and son.

  • Eugenio ('oh-hen-ee-oh' for you gringos) has been designing user experiences since 2001. He has created enterprise-level applications for such Fortune 500 companies such as GM, Ford, Toyota and Dell to name a few. He wears both hats, designer and techie, and loves to combine the two whenever he can. He is a nomad and spends his time in the Michigan's U.P. and Nicaragua with his wife and 4 boys. Es muy guapo.

  • Michael, (also known as Cobra amongst colleagues) has been a leading designer and content creator in the live event industry for over 10 years. Serving as Keen Live’s primary art director, Cobra establishes your custom design language and oversees it’s implementation into your video, presentation and interactive pieces. He lives in the Detroit suburbs with his wife and 3 children and is very tall and good looking.

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